Custom Build for Lori Bush 50% deposit

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Custom Build for Lori Bush 50% deposit


50% deposit on a custom table built to the following spec:

Frame Design:

• Same trestle frame as pictured above.

• Steel apron added directly underneath tabletop to provide smooth, flat surface for

the expanding tabletop to slide on.

• End trestles set in 6” from ends of the table (with the top collapsed).

o End trestles 30” from end of the table (with the top expanded).

• Same middle-grey finish on the steel as pictured above.

Tabletop Design:

• Without leaves, the tabletop measures 40” x 100”

• With all four 12” leaves added, the table measures 40” x 148”

• Tabletop thickness 1.25” finished.

• Large sections of the tabletop to be made from solid cherry

o Removable leaves to be made with a real cherry veneer, laminated onto MDF to

increase seasonal stability. Finished to match the rest of the table.

o Grain direction on leaves to match the direction on the rest of the tabletop.

• Finished with Dark Oak stain (the darkest sample I sent you) and 3 coats of

commercial-grade catalyzed lacquer, gloss sheen.

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