About Higgins Fabrication



We build custom, one of a kind furniture tailor made for each customer.


Higgins Fabrication launched in early 2014, but it all started long before that.  For most kids, the household rules involve what TV shows they can watch, and what chores they're responsible for.  Mine were about which power tools were ok to use when mom and dad weren't home.  As a kid, and for years after, I spent countless afternoons in my parent's basement, building chess boards, bookcases, tables...and one crossbow (sorry mom). 

After college, I joined the Army and then went into the business world, pushing building aside, but never being able to completely let it go...picture a guy in a suit holding a chainsaw and cutting up a blowdown that was leaning against the grocery store he was managing...yep that happened. 


A few years ago, I moved back home to Maine and was able to start building again.  And in 2014, I decided it was time to fulfill the lifelong dream of doing it professionally.  Fortunately for me, I had a lot of help around.  My father, brother, and a few uncles and family friends have been instrumental in getting this all off the ground and making it far more successful than I ever imagined. 

How I approach building: There is beauty in simplicity. Every board is a unique and beautiful cross section of a once living organism. It’s already awesome, and you don’t need to add much to that.
— Keven Higgins, owner and craftsman

In addition to being able to share this creative process with so many great people, I've been able to build most of the pieces in my shop out of lumber that was cut within walking distance of home.  I couldn't be more proud of the pieces we've made, or the group of people who've made them possible.


  • I was born in Bangor Maine in the year of the rooster.

  • My dad, Frank, is a civil engineer. He taught me how to build, and we still collaborate on a lot of projects. He secretly loves when I use the word “ish” after measurements, or describe something as “one and a half…and a sixteenth.”

  • When I’m not building, I do the hottest hot yoga.

  • I got shockingly far in the corporate world by just using a pensive facial expression every time I got in way over my head.